Thursday, November 7, 2019

Declaration of Teens Essays

Declaration of Teens Essays Declaration of Teens Essay Declaration of Teens Essay do hereby unite together to decal are our rights from our society. For many generations our society view todays teenage therapeutically, in image that mass media has portrayed us. We are seen as b Ewing ignorant, selfish, self indulgent, obsessed with materialism and irresponsible . It is unfair r to be judged so severely and it is now time for us to take over against these injustices. Adults would be so quick to judge teens for their responsibilities when adult s can be just as reckless. Adults say we drink and drive but not all of us do, in fact, some e teens are very responsible and mature and that can be proven with academic grades an d a good armament record with no suspensions. They say we do drugs therefore, we would have drug test on a timely basis. Adults blame us for our foul actions but adults also do wrong. With them teaching us the teenagers they have to be responsible and most of the m arent. In the last couple decades, social media has portrayed teens as a bad thing buy t now it is our chance to prove these generalizations wrong. We, the Teenagers of the Society of the U. S. , hereby declare our rights and show the world that not all teenagers are I irresponsible.

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